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Do You Need a Chief of Staff or an Executive Assistant? Let’s Find Out Together!

So, you’re staring at your cluttered desk, wondering if you need a Chief of Staff to save the day or just someone to schedule your Zoom meetings. Fear not! Chiefly Consultants is here to help you navigate this dilemma with style and a touch of humor, cos you might need a smile.

  • A Chief of Staff tackles big-picture strategy, while an Executive Assistant is the master of your day/week.
  • Chiefly will help you decide which role fits your needs, even if it means recommending an Executive Assistant.

Who’s Who in the Office Zoo?

First off, let’s clarify who does what. Both Chiefs of Staff and Executive Assistants are like superheroes for the CEO. However, their capes (and roles) are a bit different.

Chief of Staff
  • Proactive dynamo: Plans for problems before they happen.
  • Strategy guru: Helps with big decisions and business strategy.
  • CEO’s confidant: Knows all the highs and lows of the business.
Executive Assistant
  • Trusted sidekick: Puts out fires as they come up.
  • Master of details: Manages scheduling, notes, and calls.
  • Day-to-day wizard: Keeps the office running like clockwork.
How Chiefly Saves the Day

Even though we specialize in Chiefs of Staff, we won’t force you into a fancy suit if you just need a solid pair of khakis. Our goal is to make sure you get the right help, so if an Executive Assistant is what you need, we’ll say so—and even help you find one!

If your business is growing faster than a cat video going viral, you might need the high-level expertise of a Chief of Staff. They can help streamline processes, manage workflows, and implement strategies so you can focus on conquering the business world.

Ready for Your Office Hero?

Whether you need a Chief of Staff or an Executive Assistant, Chiefly is here to help. Our team of experts will provide the right support for your unique needs. Schedule a free consultation today, and let’s find the perfect hero for your business!