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What Is the Chiefly System?

Chiefly’s five core pillars will strengthen your business and drive profitability.

Key takeaways:

  • Streamlining your administration, human resources, technology, finance, and sales and marketing is essential for success
  • A chief of staff can help make systems more efficient and boost productivity and business growth
  • Your workforce is your greatest asset; make the best use of it
  • Chiefly Consultants ensures you’re using the most effective, relevant technologies
  • Our chiefs of staff help you increase customer reach and convert more leads

At Chiefly Consultants, we believe five pillars drive business growth: administration, human resources, technology, finance, and sales and marketing. Our chiefs of staff work on ensuring these pillars are fully integrated with your operations and aligned with your strategy. Here is how we drive strategic growth with each pillar:


Having an efficient system and procedures is essential for business success. It enables you to implement your strategic plan and deliver the work that’s necessary for achieving company goals. 

At Chiefly Consultants, we provide a fractional chief of staff to help you develop well-thought-out processes to maximize your productivity and output. We work with you to identify tasks that can be automated to streamline workflows and achieve faster results. For example, we can help you automate redundant tasks like email management, shifting your focus to mission-critical operations. 

Our chiefs of staff help you implement a document management system that integrates disparate documents for greater process efficiency, access, and control. This lowers your cost of operations and enhances your information governance, security, and retrieval. 

An organized system helps pull data at a moment’s notice and can help you draw inspiration from successful ideas from the past. It also enables you to identify areas of improvement when conducting your “strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats” (SWOT) analysis.

Beyond email and document management, your chief of staff will help you develop processes and procedures manuals that align with business best practices. They’ll help you implement practices that engage employees, reward achievements, emphasize quality, present clear company goals, and create cultural cohesiveness.


Skilled and motivated employees will boost your business’s overall productivity. A chief of staff helps you streamline your organizational structure to attract new talent and get your current employees more enthusiastic about your company’s vision.

At Chiefly Consultants, we’ll polish your job description profiles to match you with the best talent for any given position. We help you implement a smooth onboarding process for new hires that helps them progress through training with confidence.

Your assigned chief of staff will assist your employees to become more capable team members and leaders through training in departmental, communication, management, and leadership skills. In other words, they’ll help you develop a more cohesive and productive team to strengthen your business.

Regularly showing appreciation for your employees’ efforts and achievements can have a positive impact on your bottom line. When employees feel valued, they are motivated to achieve company goals. 

Your assigned chief of staff can suggest incentives to cultivate a culture of teamwork and excellence. Moreover, he or she will help you build a positive work environment by creating alerts for special occasions such as employees’ birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or when you achieve certain milestones. 


As a founder, it can be challenging to determine which technology you should use. Add to this the rapidly evolving nature of technology, and you can see why it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Chiefly Consultants can get your head in the game through the right technology choices. We’ll conduct a comprehensive review of your current systems to ensure you’re using them optimally. This will expose any potential gaps in your company’s technological landscape that need to be filled. Your chief of staff will suggest new systems to add to your current infrastructure to boost efficiency and business growth.


Your company’s financial health directly affects your business growth. The U.S. Bank estimates that 82% of new businesses fail due to cash flow issues. It’s imperative to have a sound financial infrastructure to stay competitive in today’s volatile economy.

Chiefly Consultants helps you set realistic goals, exercise caution when making decisions, and track your finances. Moreover, our chiefs of staff help you avoid common financial pitfalls and stay out of trouble with tax authorities.

For your business to break even and become profitable, you’ll need to exercise financial discipline and get comfortable with cutting costs. Our chiefs of staff will analyze your cash flow and income statements, as well as your balance sheets to help you find ways to cut costs (especially those you can do without).

Our chiefs of staff will help you create a reasonable budget and stick to it. They’ll help you track where your money is going and coming from to ensure you never run out of reserves to fund your brilliant ideas and vision.

We’ll also help you transition from using spreadsheets to a cloud accounting system. Our chiefs of staff will help you choose an online bookkeeping system that provides a comprehensive view of your transactions and boosts collaboration with attorneys, tax professionals, and bookkeepers.

Beyond accessibility, accounting software keeps financial information secure and helps you manage your payroll and pay bills on time.

-Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing done right can speed up business growth. Done wrong, though, it leads to lost opportunities. 

Mastering the nuances of sales and marketing can be challenging in the first years of your business. In addition to defining your target audience, you need to streamline sales workflows, develop a strategic plan, and more.

Our chiefs of staff help you navigate this seemingly complex landscape and effectively sell your value proposition to customers. We help you get more leads by ensuring you have a user-friendly website and efficient electronic marketing systems. We leverage the power of media and technology to build your credibility and improve public perception.

At Chiefly Consultants, we believe that a limited marketing budget doesn’t mean limited options. We’ll help you stretch your budget by thinking outside the box and providing a solid and realistic marketing strategy.

Ready to achieve strategic business growth?

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