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FAQs: How Does Chiefly Consultants Manage Fast-Growing Businesses?

Fast-growing businesses often see an influx of revenue, and their foundational processes just can’t keep up. That’s when Chiefly steps in with an expert chief of staff.

Key takeaways:

  • Fast-growing businesses we work with see rapid growth, often nearing $7 million, and have typically been in operation for three to seven years.
  • Chiefly Consultants helps accelerating businesses that are experiencing problems with their processes and systems.
  • How we work with these businesses:
    1. Discovery phase
    2. Findings report
    3. Ongoing business management

Chiefly Consultants works with a range of businesses when they’re growing rapidly but their processes are getting stuck. We assign you your own exceptional chief of staff who will customize their services to your needs. Working with Chiefly Consultants means you have an expert monitoring and managing the processes that are holding you back, helping you implement better solutions.

How do we do it? And what does a fast-growing business really look like? Here is an overview and answer to the FAQ: How does Chiefly Consultants manage fast-growing businesses?

What does a fast-growing business look like?

Fast-growing businesses either see accelerated growth based on revenue or headcount. Usually, revenue comes first. Some define a growth company as an organization that’s growing at a faster rate than the economy as a whole.

For Chiefly Consultants, growth means a business is nearing the $7 million mark, so they’re later-phase organizations that have been in business for three to seven years. Of course, these numbers may vary based on the situation.

Growth is a good thing, but businesses often don’t have the infrastructure in place to sustain it. Things are moving too fast for them to keep up, and their processes struggle. Something falls apart when their existing workflows try to take on more.

How does Chiefly Consultants help fast-growing businesses?

Chiefly Consultants works with businesses that need to redefine the foundation they’ve built because growth has impacted it so much. A chief of staff from Chiefly Consultants steps in when these businesses are experiencing extreme growth and it is clear that all the infrastructures they had in place six months ago are no longer working. Maybe they have a broken onboarding process that can’t accommodate all the new clientele coming on, so clients end up having a bad experience. Customers may be struggling to get their orders, or there isn’t any welcoming experience for new clients.

When we work with you, we follow a process that consists of observing, reviewing, prioritizing, executing, and communicating. Let’s dive deeper into the three major phases of our process:

1. Discovery

First, Chiefly Consultants starts with new client onboarding and the discovery phase. Usually, the business’s founder or CEO will meet with a Chiefly consultant to discuss their pain points. Their consultant will also talk to other internal stakeholders and employees to find out what others think is broken. Then, our consultant will put the pieces together to create a bigger picture based on stakeholder feedback. 

2. Findings around report

Chiefly Consultants prepares a report that outlines findings and recommendations to move forward. At this time, clients may choose to implement recommendations/strategies from our findings internally. Typically, though, clients want to stay with us to ensure the right changes are implemented with expert help.

3. Ongoing business management

Chiefly Consultants ensures that everyone across the business is properly supported to ensure success. Everyone should understand how the new processes, systems, and strategies need to be introduced and maintained. The chief of staff provides ongoing management in that organization, and they monitor for new issues that arise and help the team evolve further. 

Our consultant helps them pivot as needed when the organization needs a new technology or tool to improve a function. A great example is incorporating something as simple as Slack when communication needs a boost.

Ready to sustain your business’s rapid growth?

The Chiefly Consultants team is ready to step in and help you when your business is experiencing rapid growth and your processes aren’t keeping up. We provide fractional chief of staff services to help founders and business leaders see greater productivity and efficiency across the organization. 

Get in touch with Chiefly Consultants today to schedule a free consultation.

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