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When are you ready for a Chief of Staff?

When starting a company, having the right leaders in place is essential. As the business grows, hiring team members to support these executives allows them to focus on the bigger picture.

A key person to bring on once you have a viable business is a Chief of Staff. A Chief of Staff typically reports to the CEO, and provides support across the entire organization. So, he or she will add significant value to  the business.

Knowing exactly when to bring on a Chief of Staff is important to building a profitable company. You can determine when you’re ready for this addition to the team by asking yourself a few questions:

1. Are you being reactive instead of proactive?

If you find yourself spending time in reactive mode, then it may be time to hire a Chief of Staff. Not checking to-dos off your list can be a sign of this inefficient state. A Chief of Staff can help you complete projects and take care of the day-to-day tasks. This way, you can focus on the larger vision and future of the business.

2. Do problems arise once it’s too late to solve them?

Identifying problems early on is important in order to avoid system-wide, long-term issues. If you notice issues are not being brought to your attention in a timely fashion, it could lead to more damage to the organization. Part of a Chief of Staff’s job is to recognize problems before they become significant and address them quickly and appropriately.

3. Does your company culture resist change?

If the company culture is resistant to change, a Chief of Staff may be needed to shift the mentality a bit. Not only is it a Chief of Staff’s job to recognize issues, but also to manage stakeholders in order to implement improvements. Bringing on a Chief of Staff at this point could create an environment open to change and ready for the next level of growth.

By answering these questions honestly, you can determine if hiring a Chief of Staff would add value to the business. If the answers are yes, it’s time to start searching for the right candidate.

Timing a Chief of Staff hire correctly can truly set your business up for success as this unique role has the power to impact the entire organization. So, bring on the Chief of Staff!

Written by Amy Jarosky, Chiefly Consultant.  Read more about Amy here.

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